sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Grigori Perelman

Matemático russo, o primeiro a recusar o prémio Fields em 2006.
O prémio é atribuido de quatro em quatro anos.
Dizem, que este ano, a nega se pode repetir.
Mentes absurdamente brilhantes.
"he was unworthy of all the attention, and was uninterested in his windfall." "I do not think anything that I say can be of the slightest public interest, I am not saying that because I value my privacy, or that I am doing anything I want to hide. There are no top-secret projects going on here. I just believe the public has no interest in me." "I know that self-promotion happens a lot and if people want to do that, good luck to them, but I do not regard it as a positive thing. I realised this a long time ago and nobody is going to change my mind. "Newspapers should be more discerning over who they write about. They should have more taste. As far as I am concerned, I can't offer anything for their readers.
"I don't base that on any negative experiences with the press, although they have been making up nonsense about my father being a famous physicist. It's just plain and simply that I don't care what anybody writes about me at all."

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